Erasmus in Kortrijk: back to Belgium

Exactly one year later I travelled back to Belgium, a trip that I knew was going to be emotional even before starting it.

I could bore you with lots of details, lots of French fries and lots of Frappes, but I’ll sum it up and tell you a little about it.

It was true what we cheered to in Chat Noir with a Jupiler in our hands: Once Erasmus, always Erasmus. The friends you make in Erasmus are gonna stay with you no matter what and are always gonna receive you with open arms when you surprised them one day with a text saying «What do you think about me traveling to see you?».

During these days I’ve been to Belgium and Greece (2 countries in a week sounds really like the things we used to do in Erasmus, doesn’t it?).

Belgium was exactly the same as I pictured it: green, lovely quiet and with memories disguised as every simple thing I found. I had the opportunity to rediscover Namur, a city I travelled to when in Erasmus and I fell in love with. However, this time, even though sometimes it wasn’t easy; I was not a tourist anymore and I got to live the local life, add new beers to my list, practice (or try to) improve my French and more.

And one day my Wallonian friends and I drove to our beloved Kortrijk. I met some of the Erasmus who are there now (to whom I wish the best for the end) and realized almost nothing had changed. Our residence continued the same (dirtier, for what matters), the rock in the garden which our names on it was still there, bars Stradivarius, Luxe and 56 still standing (although we had never seen them in daylight before) and all the streets and Grote Markt exactly how we remembered them. Some things had changed and seeing people we didn’t know before in what used to be our house was quite weird at the beginning, but even with new sofas, new bars and a bigger and way stronger Bruuze, we still felt at home.

With my friend Julie, i flew to Thessaloniki, Greece, to meet our «malakas». I loved the paradisiac beaches, the personality and kindness of Greek people and all the food I tried (I wish there was a way to deliver every day Bougatza for my breakfast).

Saying goodbye to Belgium this time was not that difficult because experience showed me I can and I will come back.

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